UV changes mapping if set to Glob. - URGENT!

Ok, i have a weird problem.
Im creating a snow material with nodes, for the BGE.
Now this material has 3 textures.
A diffuse texture,
A normalmap for small details
and a normalmap for large detail, mounds.
all with the map-input set to Glob.
now, when I change the UV, it changes the normalmaps too.

Please help me!


Seriously, i need help!

Switching from one mapping system to another will alter all of the mapped textures. There is no real way around that, - it is the nature of the differences of the mapping systems. Global mapping will stay put as the object moves causing the texture to slide across the object, whilst UV doesn’t, being fixed to the object. Likewise object mapping uses the co-ordinate system of a third object to define the texture space.

If you need to convert a global mapping to a UV mapping, then you need to bake the maps onto the object, using either your global co-ordinates, or the view point’s co-ordinates.

The UV unwrap feature allows you to unwrap from the current view, and then you can bake the textures to an image file from the current view, and when you re-apply them, you should get the same result on the UV image as you had on the global one. However, any parts of the object that are perpendicular to the viewpoint may end up with very stretched looking textures applied.

I won’t document how to do viewport unwrapping and viewport baking, as there are tutorials out there which will show you better than I could.



Nono, thats not the problem.
I have a texture, set to global.
When i move the UV, the texture changes too!

Please help!

If you move the UVs to a new location of course it’s going to change the position of the texture. Why are you expecting it not to change. That is the case if you set it to global coordinates. Why are you changing the UVs?

Well, look, i have 3 materials.
One road, one snow, and one combination.
The snow texture is set to glob, so it doesn’t matter when i move it.
The road is set to a UV.
The combination mixes the snow and the road at the borders.
But the road must be able to turn, without having UV issues.
Hows this possible?