UV coords and physics issue


I just created my first Blender animation (falling playing cards) and have run into three issues:

  1. I cannot seem to reduce the spacing between the cards as far as the physics simulation (Blender Game)is concerned. If you view the animation (link below) you’ll see that the cards do not sit either on top of each other or directly on the table. I’ve tried both box and convex hull collision bounds. I’ve tried modifying the Margin, Radius, Form Factor, and Dampening values to no avail.

  2. Related to #1: there is a point in the animation where two of the cards visible intersect and I don’t understand why. All of the cards were created by duplicating the same initial card. What changes can I make to ensure that these types of clipping collisions do not occur?

  3. The texture on the front face of the card is inverted (not just backwards). I’ve examined the UV coordinates & normals and, to me, they appear to be correct.

I am running Blender v2.66 on Mac OS X 10.8.2.

Any guidance would be very much appreciated.

Here is a link to the animation

Here is a link to the blend file