UV Copy Draw Mode of face in 2.46RC1

Hi, does anybody know how to “Copy Draw Mode” from one face of the mesh to all others faces in 2.46.
For example - I want to make all faces in my mesh do not have collisions. In 2.45 ,I copy draw mode from one face to all mesh with the button in " texture face" section in 2.46 I can not find this button.

…Edit mode make sure you’re in face select mode, make sure you have a selection and one of the faces set to active (the edit buttons texture face block should be populated…

Use “CtrlC” to copy from the “active” to the selection.

Could you perhaps explain that in another way? I don’t quite get it…

Aha! I just pressed the wrong button XD Thanks alot mate, I was also wondering about that :slight_smile:

At the risk of looking really stupid, I have been wanting to test if a bug using double sided materials in the BGE has been fixed in RC5 and 246RC1. trouble is I don’t know how to drive the new interface to test if its fixed in the new version. Is it written down anywhere how you select Twoside and Light and all those other lovely things that use to be in the ‘Texture Face’ panel? There seems to be a Texture Face panel but it never has anything in it.

Any clues???

OK I am now prepared to look really really stupid and ask if anyone knows where the ‘Light’, ‘Copydraw’, ‘Twoside’ etc buttons are in 246RC1 as they do not seem to be in the empty ‘Texture Face’ panel. Could this be a bug? the section on UV on Blender.org is rather scant.


  1. select face in edit mode ( keep selecting until i goes speckled)
  2. add texture
  3. go to edit tab
  4. look for texture face…wait. is that the tab you were talking about? small world, blender is.

you’ll get the hang of it, i did.

Yeh got it… ta

(prefered it the way it was though :frowning: )