Uv copy/paste in blender 2.8


(Ghostil) #1

Hey. Is there an addon author uv magic? When will the addon be adapted for 2.8 or is there an analogue for 2.8?

(Joey Carr) #2

From what I’ve heard on the Blender Developer YouTube channel and the Blender conference talks, it sounds like addons will get updated during the Beta period for 2.8, so any addons that have an active maintainer/developer will be available in the 2.8 release.

If I understand correctly, the reason the addons don’t get updated before the Beta is because the Python API keeps changing. Once it’s in Beta the Python API is stabilized and only bug fixes are made, allowing the addon developers to be sure that they only have to rewrite their code once, instead of every time the API changes during the Alpha phase.

(Ghostil) #3

Will have to wait.

(Nutti) #4

Hi, I’m a developer of Magic UV.

I accidentally find this thread.
Thanks for using my add-on.

I’m recently tackling to port Magic UV Blender 2.8.
And, Copy/Paste UV and many other features already works in Blender 2.8.
You can try it manually from Magic UV project page.

Also, I engage to port other features to Blender 2.8.
You are also able to see the progress if you want.


(Ghostil) #5

Thank you for creating the addon. This is one of the most useful add-ons for me. Now he works for me at 2.8.

(Ghostil) #6

How does the first part of the options that I highlighted in red?
Part 2 copies and inserts and this one does not.

Is it possible to add these options in 2D left view in uv context menu?