UV distort using "Project from View" in Cycles

Hello guys, my first post here!

I’m having a strange issue when projecting UV using the “Project from View” feature of Blender and Cycles.

As you can see in the following image, most of the time the geometry gets distorted once projected, so I have to manually adjust X-Y scaling until getting a good ratio. It’s quite uncomfortable since I must make those adjustment in an imprecise way, just with visual cue. Since I’m using that feature mostly for projecting our company logo, it’s important not to get any distortion in the final result.

I have tried different options with no success, although I must say that this not always happens. About 30% of time, geometry gets correctly projected with no issues. Weird!

I have tried different projection options and switches but I can never get a planar non-distorted result of what I see in the 3D view.

To my surprise, if I switch from Cycles to Blender Internal render in the main interface, projections are always done without distortion. However this is a bit cumbersome, since I must select the UV image each time and so, which slows down my workflow. The following image shows the result obtained when moving from Cycles, with no distortion:

Any clues of what’s happening? From my point of view it’s a big deal, since make the whole process of texturing non-organic stuff quite ugly, having to switch render engines and so. I have found no information regarding this anywhere.

Much thanks in advance for your interest.

I’s because he texture is not square. Blender Render and Cycles handle this slightly differently.
Add a material to the object and add the texture to the material. Then the ‘Correct Aspect’ option should work in the unwrap options
See https://developer.blender.org/T42783


Project from View - Project what You see in the viewport.

If Your viewport is rotated You will get a wrong unwrap.

Set the viewport so you are looking straight at it…And it should unwrap right…?


Thanks for your answer, as far as I have checked this is true.

If the image selected for the UV editor background is the same of that used in the unwrapped object material, it seems to work fine.

In my case, I had different versions of the image, with different colors and silhouettes, but same size, so sometimes it was not exactly the same.

Anyway, this is a weird bug, and I think it should be corrected in the future.