uv distortion with subdiv


does anybody know if current blender has the possebility to fix the distortion of uv mapped textures when the lowpoly object has subdiv turned on?

as far as i know maya has no problem with subdiv surfaces and uv distortion.

i am aware why blender distorcs the uv when dubdiv is turned on compared to no subdiv.

any clues?


actually, blender doesn’t distort the uv

and that can be called the problem
[but I could just as easily blame your mesh… here I go]

okay, so blender essentially does a simple subdivide of the uv coordinates, not anything subsurf like
[try converting a subsurf to real, then look at the uv coords]

so if your mesh has verts where the edges come out at much different angles after being subsurfed then you will notice defects there… One easy example to cause this is to make a triangle or flattened diamond out of a quad, the stretching is particularly bad…

this is why people suggest you use edge loops and quads in a grid pattern…


as i mentioned i know why the uv gets distorted.

but from my eperience this does not happen with
maya when you convert a low poly to subdiv.

i might be wrong with maya but thats what i have in