UV "Drunkenmaster" Unwrap all wonky?

I am uncertain if I am doing something wrong or Blender.

I marked seams just nice, all the normals are ok, also object scaling, and when I let it unwrap Blender seems to have troubles with straight lines. And every once in a while it even unwraps it upside down. :no:


Usually I just use box projection unwrap because I use a tiling texture anyways for archviz-renders, but this time I want to unwrap it properly to be able to bake light and AO and stuff, because I want to use it for BGE.

But Blender can´t be serious I got to use above result and unwrap everything further by hand… :frowning:

So Am I doing something I shouldn´t or is Blender just not the tool for unwrapping, or is something wrong with 2.58a? :confused:
Is there any ancient secret technique to unwrap that mesh so I get only one seam in one corner of a room and unwrap them with a uniform scale?
I can use just cubeprojection, pack the islands and average scale, but that is a not very desireable result.

For non-organic object unwraps you usually get the best results with the ‘Conformal’ unwrap method rather than the default ‘Angle Based’. Change the method from the toolshelf after unwrapping

Aw man you´re my hero…
I keep forgetting about the stupid properties in the toolshelf all the time.
That fixed it.