UV Edge Collapse Python Interface

Hello all,

I need a sample code or a way to access the GUI driven UV Edge Collapse function through Python. Does this exist? Alternatively, one may already have a function or a program chunk doing edge/node collapsing on its own.

I would appreciate your assistance.



Youd have to write your self, I tried and its not that easy (tedaious mainly)- also remember faces in Mesh will be re-ordered so zero vert index is never at 2 or 3 index.


FYI, I found a code in this Blender Python forum, which does exactly what I need: “Merge Vertex to Nearest”, which goes in the mesh menu. It is a bit slow as it is searching the best target vertex to collapse the selected one to. You are right you have to re-order and sort facets after each collapse and this slows the process down. Luckily I have to deal with order of 500 collapses in a mesh of 300,000 with further oppotunity for optimization…

Thanks for your help.