UV editing: How to position all faces of a single object with 1 corner start at same position?

I need help … in UV editing, how do you place all faces of the same object to be align/start at same position? At the moment when I use UV>Cube Projection … I get below …

I can’t position all faces to start at same position … see example in 2nd diagram
which is what I needed … ?

Shift - S - selected to cursor should work if you set the transform point to cursor

hi … what do you mean by this statement?
Is it in UV editor,
position 3d cursor to a corner of image
select all (Press A) … then shift-S > ?? (i tried all options, none works)

If I go with shift-S > “Selected to Cursor” … all points squeeze to 1 dot at the 3D cursor position

well appears “Align UV” > “Snap to Point” somewhat positioning the centre of all faces to the 3D cursor, not bottom right corner to the 3D cursor was my requirment.
… atleast it gives the result I needed by repositioning all faces after this command.

Your question is a bit weird… which corner? So positioning all faces at the same position like so:

is a legitime answer assuming you are smart enough to position you faces to that corner you want…

(And of course we are talking about positioning the 2D cursor and selecting your wanted faces in the UV editor. :person_shrugging: )

hi @Okidoki,
The corner refers to the 3D cursor (or 2D in UV editor) at bottom right, as shown in the diagram … resending for ease of reference.

I do already know this by reading your posts and understood it… i was emphasizing the original question… and yes blender only does move the whole selection to the cursor (and yes keep offset wasn’t mentioned)… and yes you have to make things the way you want them to be.

Anyway: for this example you may even just reset the UVs and scale the bigger buildings UV along Y. And maybe everything along X to mathc up because they are not tileable?

ok got it thanks.