UV editing problem

good day guys! i have a problem in adding texture in game engine, it not appear when i start to play it.

can you upload your’ blend file or give more info??

here is my blend file. may you help me to fixed this :smiley: thanks!
Church.blend (1.9 MB)

ok I don’t really understand why it do this! howver try eith this:

press n and turn on glsl rendering instead of multitexture…
the press alt+z to use switch to texture mode so you can see materials and texture applied
and press p to use the game engine.

this on my pc worked.

hower you should see the material just only with texture mode without use the game engine

Thanks sir. but this is what happen when i zoom in i can see the texture but when i zoom out it turns to black.

mmm… this is very strange because i’ve zoomed in and out too, but this don’t happen…

hehehe thanks sir, but i saw the problem :smiley:
i changed the color quality of my computer to 32bits… the texture are working in 32bits.

Good to know! i’ll never thought it was this!