UV Editing - unwrapped areas

Hi everyone,
I’m new to this, but have managed to work around almost all my problems.
But I must have pressed something and can’t figure out how to solve the following, when going into UV Editing I used to see my models “unwrapped” areas. I used it to paint it…and I’ve managed to render. I’ve closed blender and when I returned when going to UV Editing the “unwrapped” areas are no longer visible, so how do I get them back?

The painted bits are still in the correct position, I just don’t see the unwrapped contours.

Thank you for the help.

If the UV/Image Editor window is showing the ‘Render Result’ just delete it with the X button

No, it’s on the correct image file. I deleted the render result still.

Screenshots and blend file ?

Confidential project at the moment. If I could I would…!

Delete all crap that is not needed to still demonstrate the problem

Tell us exactly what you see. If you see nothing then showing a screenshot of that would not be a problem. You need to at least supply something to go on, otherwise were working blind here in a dark room with the lights turned out.

Select your object, switch to Edit mode and select all mesh. If there is UV map it should be now visible in UV editor window. If not, check on Object Data (triangle icon) tab if there is ‘UVMap’ in UV Maps. If there is nothing - it’s deleted or was not created.
In UV Editor menu View see if UV Local view is unchecked.

you can from file chose load factory setting

I hate to hit on this but if you need help then screenshots or a .Blend file as a PM to someone is somewhat necessary, especially since you need help with editing UV islands.
However, the general consensus is that it’s possible to ADD objects to an existing UV layout and unwrap them - delete detail from a pre-unwrapped model BUT NOT add geometry and detail to an already unwrapped model.
There are work arounds to this, but you’ll need a more competent software suite that’ll handle the procedure better than Blender’s own tools.
Give Headus UVLayout a try…

In the UV window and 3D viewport, enter edit mode for the object(s) and hit ‘CTRL A’ to select the entire mesh. You should see the UV islands appear in the UV viewport. Now just create a new map and repeat.