UV editing

I’m am so mad right now because of this U.V. editing and mapping I know how to use it but it doesn’t paint onto the faces and never shows up. No matter how many tutorials I’ve taken it doesn’t seem to want to work. I also don’t know how to map materials I’ve already made into the U.V. editor and stuff. THe packing data together thing seem to just pack my hardrive up.

hit ALT-Z to toggle textured display and make the image show on the mesh (it’s just another display option like wireframe or shaded).

mapping your already made materials - in the UV editor, Image menu, select “Open…”

don’t bother packing your file unless you plan to move it to another computer.

Thanks but is it a material now or is it just an image?

UVMapping doesn’t use Material(s). (a Material can be mapped to use UV Coordinates but you don’t need to do it that way unless you want Nor, Normal or Disp to be mapped to UV’s)

Essentially you open an Image in the UV Editor, goto UV Face Select Mode in the 3D Viewport, select a UV Calculation (Unwrap) method for your Mesh then place the UV’s where you want them on the Image. You should see this on the Mesh in the 3D Viewport in Alt-Z (Textured DrawType).

However, if you already have a Material assigned to the Faces that you are UVMapping you won’t see the Rendered result of the UVMapped Texture unless you have TexFace clicked in F5, Material tab.


The thing is it didn’t render that is the problem and some tools don’t work but I think it is the computer I have.

Post the file.

I don’t know how to do that.

Goto File >> Pack Data then save it and upload it to this site:


Then rightclick on the file once uploaded and click “Copy Shortcut” and Paste that shortcut here.


wow exact on time realy thanks for the alt-z trick :smiley:

O.K. I tried but you know what those works are to small to read and I can’t see the words. How can I find it?

those works are to small to read and I can’t see the words. How can I find it?

No idea what that means. Anyhow, in the file you posted goto F5. Add a New Material, (still in F5) in the Material tab click “TexFace”. Render.


Well, I may not possibly understand the whole problem, but are you sure you activated in the Material window the “TexFace” option? Dudes, I know I have Blender 2.42a… Stuff like changing things between version is a regular habit. So if this is of no use, Administrator, please delete this post.

Company2, about the small words - are you talking about the material buttons? If so, you can zoom into them with CTRL-mousewheel and you can drag them around with the middle mouse button.

Thanks it helped it renders the texture now and I can see it. Now I have another question for you, but before that the small text I was talking about was on the website you guys gave me the words were very small print and I could barely read it.

Anyway I don’t know how to move them to adobe just the plans to my picture editor. You know to put the pictures to onto the plans so that it is easier to put textures on it. Then save it and save it to then reopen the application and put it back.

I’m not sure if I understood your question right, but here’s the answer.
You can save the UV map as a .tga file, via the scripts window >> scripts >> UV >> Save UV face layout, then open and paint the tga file in your paint program.

Hope this helps.

edit: Then uplad it via UV/Image editor and put it onto your model.

Thanks I didn’t even know it was a python script that would have been more helpful in the tutorials.
Now another question there are ways to unwrap a mesh and the only way for me is to unwrap and thats it there is no Lscm for me or anything else I saw it once but I can’t find those special wrap buttons does anybody know?

LSCM is now listed as “Unwrap” and then in the UVCalculation tab in F9 you can choose AngleBased or Conformal.


So then what is with the tools in edit mode because I don’t understand what they do. Oh yeah and if it is any trouble could you tell me how to use vertex paints, weight paints, and texture paints because I’m sitting here looking at thinking what is it used for.