UV editor Average Island scale (average 1 object island without modified all my previous work)

Hello, I’ll would like to know if with the Average Island scale tool is there a way to make average island without modified the old island.

For example I’ll made a card UV with lot of island and perfect placed and all at the same size and I import a new objet or part of an objet that I’ll want give the same size than the other island,but if I’ll do that all is modified. I’ll would like to size the new object island without modified my work made before. (Average modified all the island at once).

Thanks by advance for your advices.

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I didn’t get what you were asking… But i guess udim tiling should solve your issues.

Thanks for the response,for the moment I can’t use udim.

In fact when we use average island scale,all island move,I’ll would like to use average but tell only one island average and other don’t change. Like a pin system but the pin don’t work on average.


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I found this topic looking for a solution to the same problem. I added some UV islands to the UV map. Now I want to average their sizes without losing my previous work for the islands that are already in the right size and position.

The current workaround is to…

  1. Average
  2. Notice the size change and undo
  3. Adjust the new Island size
    …repeat until the “old/finished/pinned” islands stop changing size