Uv editor Bug

All of sudden I can’t select any of the uv verts, faces or islands unless I use box selection.
It only moves around the 2d cursor. It will act fine in new files and then at random does this and my file will never go back, it’s driving me nuts.
Any tips on fixing this would be greatly appreciated


Blender 2.82:
Set your toolbar to [Select Box] mode.

Check if you are in selection by left or right click …

That’s what I said, only box select works.
Why all of sudden half way threw me editing that I can’t use a simple select, this doesn’t seem right?

You don’t answer all the questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

It seems that your selection is done on the right click … while the left click “moves” your 3D cursor ???

Here maybe

This will help.
Here is a brand new file, the selection works normally with the left click then I all of a sudden lose my ability to select like I was. This time the bug happened after i hit the move tool, it’s random but always after I use something like tool or switch to faces or back to verts. My left click is now my move 2d cursor and I can no longer select like I was. I just reinstalled 2.8a to try and fix it but as you can see it’s a no go. I’m having to go back to 2.79 to do my work.

:thinking: Now, that’s a mystery…

In any case this is not a bug, because for me (Version 2.82a) everything works correctly.

Have you installed an addon that might conflict with your default keymap?

Did you try to reset the settings?

  • File > Defaults > Load Factory Settings

Just tried that and it’s a no go.
The only add-ons I have turned on are extra objects Edit mesh tools and node wrangle.
I turned off the majority of them.
Here’s a file, I’d like to see if it happens on your end, maybe I need to completely wipe blender from my system and reinstall it.uv bug.blend (562.8 KB)

Result of the test of your file:

  • My configuration ( Win 10 - Blender 2.82a - Portable installation from a ZIP file)

  • Selection with left click

  • Load your file by activating the “Load UI” option.

No selection errors or bugs in both the [Layout] and [UV Editing] tabs.

Try to install a portable version, as shown below:
Installing Blender

where would I get the zip file, I can’t find it on blender.org?

Just click on the dropdown list . . . and magic … :wink: