(UV editor) How to change default Image Save As format and Size?

Sorry for the bump…x2

I figured I go into one of the many init.py files to change them, but I just don’t know what ones to change:

These are the settings I want to change the defaults of:

Image width/height to 2048x2048 (instead of 1024x1024)

Image format to (from PNG to TGA) when saved

i googled around for it, and searched for the python script interface keywords that reference them, like IMAGE_OT_new.width (those displayed when the option is pointed at with the cursor) but got no hits.

Any help would be much appreciated!

hallo Kusogaki,
I think this one is not as easy, and I think it requires some deep C+ codinf knowledge.
I have done a small research on my own, but could not find the exact answer…since i am not a coder obviously.
But at least I post what i got sofar , cause it might be of some help to you:

have fun! :slight_smile:

… my bad …