UV Editor - Island selection separates connected mesh

So here’s what’s going on:
I’ve been unwrapping models all day long and one simple mesh is being difficult. I went into edit mode hit U -> Unwrap. It unwraps as expected but when I select the island (and move it) it pretends to be two separate meshes. In edge selection mode it knows that it’s connected. (img_01)
There are no seams, no modifiers, no sharp edges.
Usually this only happens when an edge overlaps itself, for lack of a better description. (img_02)

Does anyone know what’s causing this and how to fix it? Am I overlooking something obvious? Any help is truly appreciated!
I should probably also mention I’m not new to Blender.

Sure I could just select them separately but this is supposed to be part of a 4k texture so island select makes it a whole lot easier to arrange the 30 or so in there.

Example file contains a simplified version.
uv_island_bug.blend (528 KB)

I apologize if this doesn’t belong in this category.


Check the face normals once in a while.

So it was something obvious. Wow, that’s embarrassing. Sorry!

So it was something obvious. Wow, that’s embarrassing. Thank you!
Sorry for starting a whole thread.