UV Editor Problem (Please Help!)

Ok so I think I’ve found a bug but I’m not sure, it could just have a simple solution. I’m working on a 2D game and I’m using Blender for the modeling portion. I’ve created a .png that’s 32x32, then I go into blender and unwrap a plane with the texture. If you look closely at the plane, the bottom edge repeats with the top. It’s hard to explain here is a picture: clicky click.

So as you can see this is a huge annoying problem, I mean how do I tile something with a huge green line down the bottom?!!? I’ve checked the image 50 times and there is nothing wrong with the bottom. Only when I unwrap it do I get a problem.

Please help me I need a solid answer, thanks.

the problem you are having is called interpolation of pixels in your image.
you can turn it of in the “Image Sampling” tab of your texture settings.
you then get just the straight pixels.

No, that didn’t do anything. I unchecked it and absolutely nothing happened, any idea why?

EDIT* Actually scratch that it does change, but only when I render it. I need it to change in the editor though because I’m exporting it as a .fbx and it’s still the same when exported as .fbx.

hm, there you’ve got me stumped. i don’t know how to disable interpolation in the viewport or if thats even possible.
but that should be just a setting telling blender how to display things meaning that it wouldn’t actually change any properties of your exported object anyway. what app are you exporting to?

however it would be interesting to know if theres a checkbox for viewport interpolation i’ve missed.

I’m exporting it into Unity3D (blender has a horrible GE and I don’t know python).

what about setting the Image Mapping -> Extension of the texture to ‘clip’ rather than ‘repeat’ ?

would you mind posting the blend / image so we can play with it and attempt to resolve it?

Sure no problem ill post the .blend and while I was away I did some experimenting and this seems to happen to every image that is 32x32 (i think :confused:). The same thing happened to this test image I made, I just put a solid black bar on the top.


tileTesting.blend (287 KB)

Can someone give me any feedback? Or another way of getting around this problem? Surely im not the only one this has happend to.

can you pack the image? i cant view it atm :frowning:

Pack the image?

this problem also happens with texture painting an object in 3dview. When painting a face on the edge of the image, it’ll bleed on the other side of the image. This gets less however with project paint disabled (this wouldnt solve your problem though).

Will do a proper and complete bug report.

Pack the image?

this would save the image inside the blend file. This can be done in the Image Editor or texture properties.

Pack the image?
File, external data. pack into .blendfile.