Uv editor view repeat image only in x or y,is it possible

Hello, I would like to know in uv editor in “view> repeat image” mode if it is possible to repeat the image only in the x or y direction.
For the moment this repeats in all directions and it is a little confused.
It’ to see my image only on X or Y not XY.

Thanking you in advance.

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For what purpose? If you want to repeat in a certain direction use a mapping node and a texture coordinate node in your material…Switch to Object on Coordinates and to Texture in Mapping…then you can scale and such in only one direction.


Keep in mind, Eevee mipmapping acts as if the texture was tiled, regardless of mapping mode, so at distant zoom, you may get artifacts. Bug already reported.

edit: sorry, didn’t read your question closely enough.

Thanks for the responses.

In fact it’s not a problem for the tiling on the object.
But it’s on the display of the texture on the background of the uv editor.
It possible in " N>view >Display to enable “Repeat image”.
But when I’ll do that it repeat in all directions. I’ll would like to repeat it only in X or Y to adjust my tile an see if my texture is seamless.

Thanks by advance for some tips.

Ahh… Not a perfect solution but, with the texture in the UV window, you can just G+x and pull the texture half off…it will show if it is tile-able or if there are some problem areas…or G+Y for the same…

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Thanks for the response. Yes is that I’ll do but it’s will be good to see in display the background textures in x or y only. There is in Maya the option. Anyway I’ll prefer blender in many way than Maya but sometime the is some small improvment like that I’ll would like to see. Can you tell me if I’ll send these sort of request to the dev. Thanks

Suggest on rightclickselect.com, it would be a useful feature.

A workaround I have used before is to import the texture as an Image Plane mesh object and set an array modifier to it, changing the axis for effect. That is the kind of thing that is still effort to get to instead of a simple button to toggle in the interface.

Thanks for the response. Yes it’s a workaround but it will be so easy to have the option. I’m going to try to contact the dev to propose the idea to have a display image in X and Y in option.

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