UV-Export broken (when will it be fixed?)

Since a bunch of versions a script to export the UV layout into an image exists in Blender. Since day one though it is horribly broken. The resulting UV layout is totally off and does not correspond at all with the UV layout. Does anybody know who is responsible for this script? It’s really necessary to fix this script as otherwise it is quite useless.


You can make one yourself quickly. Take a cube for example and unwrap it in a way it fill the entire texture. Use something like 1024x1024 as texture size. Now export the UV layout and use 1024 as size ticking of everything else (so select the UV coords first to export them). After you have exported load the just exported image as texture image. If the UV layout is correctly exported the lines should be coincident with the UV lines from Blender. Obviously they are off. At the left side of the image the coordinates are matching. At the right side they are already 8 pixels off (on a 1024 image). The same for bottom (correct) to top (8 pixels off). The export script therefore has a scaling issue which kills the UV layout.

They can’t fix stuff if they don’t know it’s broken, maybe a bug report is in order.

Where would that be?