UV Export not working

Hi All

I’m having trouble exporting any UV Layout

both .tga and .svg are giving me trouble

the svg file seems to put the polygon points at the corners ie each polygon is mapped as a full 512x512 square

and the tga file won’t open - it says “excess data in file”

I am running blender 2.44 on Ubuntu Studio

I started a fresh blender scene - and made a plane obj - and I can get it to export an svg but it doesn’t work with tga

any advice?

Can you test 2.45rc1


i will give it a go

yeah, the same thing is happening

I don’t think it is anything wrong with the RC build
it is most likely something to do with the setup of my system

the uv_export.py I am using is dated 26/03/07 version 1.18

is this the latest version?

No, it’s not. Last version is 2.5 and was updated on 23/07/07.

What’s probably happening is that you’re using the RC build but it’s still loading an old version of the script.

For a quick test, you can load the new version in the text editor (it should be bundled in the RC build) and execute it from there.

For a complete fix, be sure to update your script folder (should be in ~/.blender/scripts or in .blender/scripts in the installation folder).


I’m also having a problem exporting uvspheres to 3DS. The export hangs blender and I usually have to kill the process.
I was using 2.43 but I also tried this on 2.45RC and its the same problem there too.
Where can I get the 2.5? And does anyone know if there will be a fix for the issues with exporting to 3ds?

I had a report of OBJ export hanging and wasnt able to reproduce (even with same blend and same export steps).