uv exporting

Another uv map export problem here. I need to be able to export a uv map so i can use xnormal to create a normal map. I was able to do this with an old version of 2.5, however exporting high poly meshes out of blender to .obj was hit or miss, mostly misses. Exporting meshes with 2.53 works great, but so far i can’t find a way to save the uv map as a bmp,targa, or jpeg. I tried to save it as a svg, the use gimp to export to another file format, but it saves the “image” but not the verts, so its worthless again. If i wanted to use blender for game development , there has to be a way to export a workable uv map.Any way, thanks for your help.

ya thats what I was wondering with uv maps with exporting to other programs" will uv map stay same on model the way its supposed to be ?"

When I export, I see lines, not verts, but this seems ok to me because where the lines cross, there’s a vert there. Here’s a screenshot of what I see in case you see something else when you export. Sorry if this doesn’t help you or if I’m saying things that you already know.