UV Face layout problem

Hi guys
I have done a search on the forums and cant find an answer to my dilemma.
I have a slight drama with regards to UV Unwrapping.

I have unwrapped a section of a wall and it appears ok in the UV Image editor.

Problem occurs when I open the saved UV Face layout in photo-shop, I get the last 3 UV unwraps I have done all added on top of each other. what am I missing.

When you way section of wall do you mean that the different unwraps are all from the same object?
If so when you export the uv layout you are exporting the layout for the whole object.
Either create separate uvs for each part, lay them out so they don’t overlap or split your object up into separate parts.
Other than that, if you want more help attach your blend file as theis is just purely guesswork based on the minimal info in your post.

Hi Richard thanks for replying.
What I did was to select only the faces of part of the roof of an aircraft hanger and i wanted to make UV layout of just those selected faces.

I have attached my blend file so you can have a look


Project.blend (821 KB)

Delete the UV you already have, select the two ends and press U to unwrap.
Set the UV unwrap calculation from Angle Based to Conformal to getter a better unwrap.
Why don’t you want the whole roof unwrapped ?
Project.blend (252 KB)

Thanks again for the help Richard.
I didn’t do the whole at the same time as I was trying to keep things simple for myself to start off with. :slight_smile: