UV face select doesn't work in final render

Okay so I am attempting to build a director’s slate with weird results. I have used UV face select to assign various jpegs to all the faces. And it looks proper in blender’s 3d view. However, when I render all the faces revert to a state before I had manipulated them in UV face select. Confusing? Sorry. Take a look at my .blend for yourself:


If you’ll notice in the 3D view within blender the stripes do match up correctly. And the endcaps are black as they are supposed to be. Hit F12, and then everything reverts to where it was when I placed the first UV face on each object with it repeating throughout.

Can anyone suggest what might be wrong?

maybe you are using a different image in the UV editor as for the material? i noticed there were two images mapped onto the object, but only one image loaded in materials. i toggled your current texture off, hit tex face, and it lined up just like it should.

I’ll be darn’d. What exactly was I doing wrong? I set a material to be texture before i set an image to be texture?

Is it just me or are the endcaps still not right?

when you use multiple images in the UV editor, use tex face. when you are in textured view, the 3D window displays the images associated with your object in the UV editor, as if you were using tex face, but renders only what is set in materials,…unless you set to tex face, in which case it renders whatever you set in the UV window.

It would be simpler if you combined the UV images into one, and UV mapped every face in it.