UV Face Select Mode Problems

When I select an object and press ‘F’ for the UV Face Select Mode the faces either turn orange or green. Now this doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen enough to get annoying. When I’m done texturing, the texture is mixed with the vertex colors (either green or orange). Is this a bug in 2.34 or is it something I’m doing (more than likely)?

Also, do you have to LMB every face and turn on ‘Light’ or can you do it in one swoop with ‘A’?

Thank you.

when you enter face select mode the vertex colors are set to the ones specified in the paint buttons

at one time this [and the face buttons] were always visible in their own panel, but now they are only visible when you are in face select mode [the mode buttons] and vertex paint mode [the color choooser thing]. You can be in both modes at once, you toggle face select mode with the F key, and Vertex paint mode with the V key.

the colors are multiplied by the texture color, so if they were black your texture would be black, white your texture would look just the same. Green will make your texture darker and more green [and so on].

you can copy flags [light, collision whatever] to all selected faces with the copy drawmode button. Also, you can set the vertex color of all selected faces with the set vertex color button. This, like when you first enter face select mode, will set the color to the color used for vertex painting which isn’t visible if you aren’t in vertex paint mode.

[I kinda think both tabs should show up when you’re in face select mode…]

oh, wow. thanks z3ro d, that really clears that up. i thougth i had a driver conflict, and just accepted the black faces on my model in texture mode as normal. this is gonna make texturing much easier, maybe even possible. :wink:

jim ww