UV/ face selectmode!

The only bug ( maybe my mistake) is I can’t see UV face select mode in the drop down menu! :eek: help!

It’s a good idea to read all the release logs through thoroughly with a new release :slight_smile:


the only problem I am having with this set up so far is that you have to have all the verts selected in order for the UV map to be visible, but that is a problem when trying to find a particular vert on the model by selecting it on the UV editor, or the 3D view.

@Gat: There is a button in the UV / Image window called “Sync UV and Mesh Selections”. It looks like a single quad face with 4 verts. Click it and see if it does what you are looking to do.

yep, thanks a lot!

Gee broken, this is becoming a habit you helping me!

trick: Vertex color mode (vkey) then fkey :slight_smile: