UV Faces...

Hi, I’m new to 3D ganeration, and to Blender. So far I love it! I’m currently trying to create and export models for Half-Life 2. I got the right Script, but when I try to export the file, I get an error about the model must have UV Faces. Could someone point me to a beginners tutorial for this?
Thank you.

Even though this is the wrong forum (should be in Blender General or Blender GameEngine), I’ll try answering your question.

The need for “UV faces” probably means that the script needs to have a UV texture assigned to the faces and the also have to be format-compliant. I’m speculating, as I you haven’t specified which script you’re using. Which will also make it difficult for anybody to direct you to a tutorial, since most (if not all) are script-specific (duh, every script has a different UI).

To solve the problem, try making your face normals point the right direction. CTRL-N for pointing out and SHIFT-CTRL-N for pointing in usually works, but not if your mesh is screwed up. In which case you’ll have to rework it. Try avoiding extruded edges perpendicular to a surface. Also, go into UV edit mode (F-Key in Object Mode) to make the faces have a blank UV texture. Also, make sure your faces are one-sided. Some scripts may screw up if they aren’t.