UV goes bad when exporting

Hi everyone,
I have come here in a time of great need. I modelled a lightsaber, unwrapped it, exported into an fbx file, which i then use to import into substance painter. Here’s how it looks. please help. let me know if there’s any other info you may need
PS the same thing happens when trying to bake textures in marmoset

Original UV

You are showing here only the controls and i guess the other parts have overlapping UV’s… IDK SP put did you join the parts? …with overlapping UV’s ?

No sir, there’s no overlapping involved. the meshes on the screenshot have one common material

Nevertheless in your first texture image some UVs from the second aren’t visible and some other parts seems to overlap the upper part… so you may look at the joined objects material and UVs…?

Make sure you have “selected objects only” turned on:

Otherwise blender will export all objects in scene, including hidden ones that you don’t want to contribute to uvs.

Export only selected objects.

Also make sure that Your UV are in first Layer.

BTW Your UV could be better. You should straighten those bended UV islands.

Yes, I actually did export only selected mesh. The UV is in the first layer. And yes, I agree about the unwrapping, I did a good job in the first place, but then, when trying to fix the problem in the post, all went to crap. I don’t know what to do, I believe I have everything correct. And I can’t upload my blend file here…

Sorry, I’m not quite sure what you mean. As I don’t see any overlapping islands. Materials are separate also, I have a material+uv for the “shiny” collection, and another material+uv for the rest

How do you call this ???


Sorry, I thought you were talking about the first picture only.
So this is the problem I’m struggling with. This ugly thing is not supposed to be there. I export only the shiny collection, and nothing else

share .blend file it will be faster
(You can send me via PM)

maybe You have hidden mesh, or modifiers?

unfortunately, no hidden meshes. how can I dm here? couldn’t find the button sorry lol

If you want to send a PM ( Private Message ) Click on the person’s name…

Click message in the upper right…

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Few of Your objects have two, others have one UV map channel.

Substance Painter only read first UV channel and others.
You have to delete others or reorder UV maps (via addon because Blender is retarded in that regard :stuck_out_tongue: ) to have correct one in first place.

Thank you? I’ll try your solution. What kind of addon should look for?