UV grid / displacement question

Hello out there
am trying to model a fort…
but by putting in a UV map for displacement , at some places I don t get the desired result
F the front side gives a mirrored result
I the inner walls heave complete othere scaling than the outer ones
this all by using the regular UV grid as tester…
I would really appreciate if someone have a look on this one…
thanks in advance


- Copy.blend (1.02 MB)

You have 3 UV maps and the material doesn’t specify which one to use, so it uses the one that is set to render (camera icon on the UV map). Active one is not unwrapped properly for all parts.

Displacement in material output defaults to bump map and you’re giving it a color image. Actual bump map should be grayscale, image mode set to non-color data, and using bump node. You can use UV map node to tell it which coordinates to use.

thanks so much mister
that helped me out…

sometimes I wonder if that it s normal after almost 2.5 years working in blender I am still fooling around here at BASICS and Interface section (sigh)??