Uv help?

i am so confused with what is going on. when i go into uv face select everthing goes white as usual. But with this gun i am making some parts are white and others are see though. i can’t place a image on those. that’s half my gun.

Go into Edit Mode, select all your vertices, and press Ctrl-N to Recalculate Normals.

Okay i did that and it got ride of some holes but some stayed. i also try Recalculating normals inside(ctrl-Shift-N)


pick patiently all the missing faces and do W key and choose flip normals in the menu.

Normally if the mesh is “clean” Recalculate Normals should work

You must have gaps or "bad"edges/faces somewhere


Go into edit mode, edit buttons, show normals. Raise the normal size so you can see them, you’ll be able to see clearly which normals are pointing the wrong direction.

Most likely a part of you mesh is non-manifold so Blender is ‘confused’ as to whats in or out.

Also, try going to edit mode, click select>non-manifold. That may help you spot the problem