UV Helper for 3DS Max users

Hi, I just made a new addon that mimicks Max UV Toolset.
When I came to blender, UV seemed really barebones, but many of the tools were there already

Some functions are there thanks to certain addons, so you should install them as well for this addon to work. Some buttons are not there because of blender’s nature with it’s undo panel giving always more options, or being modals that behave impredictably, also I’m not trying to cram every single thing over there, if you want something more advanced go to those other addons panels, but I might add more options there as I use it or get suggestions.

Most of what is missing is some peel and relax algorithms and maybe a better pipe unwrap algorithm, but those are really impossible with my coding skills, and they might be more suited to be implemented into blender’s C/C++ codebase.

However there are a couple of new options that are completely exclusive (At least that I know of) options, which are the smoothing and Material ID options under explode, these work by adding marks to the object based on sharp edges (marked as sharp or by autosmooth) and by the different material slots.

If you have any suggestion tell me! For instance, I’m not sure if some buttons might be better suited to go elsewhere or if I might add some more (maybe custom) icons.

I don’t have gumroad, but if you want to tip me something, Here is my paypal

Github link:


great, thanks!

Yeah… blender desperately needs a proper/actual relax tool, and pelt would be nice as well…

I’ve resorted to using a HeadusUVLayout Bridge/addon, and send my UVs over there to quickly relax/etc. Which actually works quite fluid/not bad, after i made some local tweaks to the addon code.

But still is not ideal to have to use that/some people don’t want to pay for it/buy another program for Uving.

Yeah, I don’t do organic stuff so I don’t miss those options as much, but they’re quite important.

A while ago Daniel Bystedt made tutorial for unwraping and there were some tricks that mix the live unwrap with pinning, that’s why I added it there since it could help some people discover how to work with it… Nowdays is not the top tutorial anymore but it has some more useful tricks as well many of us didn’t know!

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I used headus for weapons a lot actually. UVtoolkit has a function I think to sort of help straighten out shells. But I’ve seen nothing like 3ds max relax yet for blender otherwise.

I often force some UV shells to try to be more straight if I can or certain sides to be straighter and relax around that. To get cleaner lines or less seams or Rorschach with detail maps in our game engine.

Also we still deal with 2k texture for a AAA full weapon. Or 1 - 2k map for most of it. So I have to really do what I can to maximize my texture space / texel res. So i use relax like I said, to try and “force” some islands to make a tighter pack.

UvPackMaster is a life saver as welll. Since I am often packing 50-100+ objects into 1 sheet, and maybe consists of 200+ uv islands or who knows. Saves me 1-2 days per asset and gives much tighter pack than I can probably do by hand / without way too much effort.

Thanks for diving into the shallow depths of Blender’s UV capabilities!

This is all I get, though, the rest seems missing:


2.93.5, latest Textools and UVSquares installed. Did I miss something?

Coming from Max, Blender’s native UV tools were a little shock for me too. Turned out that those basics are pretty powerful though and often require less time and much fewer clicks than Max.

As for Relax and Peel. In my experience, Blenders simple Unwrap tool in comparison may not be as powerful but it still does a very decent job with just one click in a fraction of the time. By the time I have opened up Max’ Relax tool, set it to Face mode and enter the amount of iterations, I’ve already done another island in Blender. So I actually haven’t looked back. I rarely make organic shapes with dense topology though, Max may be better there.

Oh and yes, Unwrap works nicely along with pinning.

As for Pipe unwrap, I’m pretty happy with Blender’s Follow Active Quads.

What I think is fundamentally bad about Blender’s way of handling UVs is that it doesn’t let you select parallel edges because it actually doesn’t have edge selection, it selects verts and faces instead. So one of the few things I miss from Max is the ability to straighten parallel edge loops. There are Rectify/Straighten Faces tools but these only work if the whole island consists of quads.

Fixed! Didn’t realize you need Bs Max as well, you can set all keymapping to default if you still want to behave the blender way everywhere else.

You can select edges if you use the sync mode, kinda cucumbersome, I relearned that when rebuilding this addon, since all I’ve done was inside blender, and didn’t need to UV until now :V
Maybe you can find that parallel edges in some other UV tool…so if you find tell me and I’ll add it. Those were the only things I had my my checklist on things I missed.

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