UV/Image, Baking and Collada


Im a bit confused at the moment, I get results from my method but what I want to do is:

  • Make a collada file with textures

Here is what I do:

  • select each object i want
    (3D view) - uv face select > face > uv unwrap > unwrap smart projection (defaults settings)
    (UV view) - image > new (defaults)
    (3D view) - bake faces
    (UV view) - image > save as > png or jpg
  • export as collada
  • modify collada file to make all material paths local

Basically, this can take a long time to do if I have many objects and I dont understand how blender recognizes which images are linked to which objects when i create a uv map / bake.
So is there any way to automatically have the collada have local file paths (not full) to the materials and is there a way to do this procedure with all my objects, saving, naming, baking, unwrapping etc automatically for my collada file?

BTW this is for use in PaperVision3D incase it makes a difference.

Thanks for the help,