UV image blank

I’m trying to save a UV image from the uv image editor so that I can modify it in gimp, but for some reason it only saves the background color (white, black) but not the unwrapped uv. I’m using the 64 bit trunk build with bmesh from graphicall and cycles. Does anyone have any ideas as to why it would do this?


Because it is saving the image, not the uv layout as an image. Under UVs, choose ‘Export UV Layout’ and you should get a png with your uv unwrap.

That worked. One problem though, it only exports with the checkerboard background. Is that something that I can change in blender, or do I have to deal with it in gimp?

I have the 2.62 official blender.org, and with choosing checker or solid white, I still get a white png with the layout in black lines.