uv image distortion

Please take a look at the blend fle. the UV image is distorted. Is this not the way uv mapping works?:eek:
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struyk3.blend (208 KB)

Unfortunately it will not work like this, artefacts you have appeared because of the lens distortion of the camera used to make texture. try to transform your selection in Gimp or photoshop and you will receive the same result.

No, it is NOT the way UV mapping works.
UV mapping will not correct the distortion created in the image by the camera that took the pic. :slight_smile:

Even if the pic of the building was taken directly straight on, the lens itself will distort the image.

To map that image correctly onto a flat plane, you will have to correct the distortion in the image first, or match the perspective of the original shot in 3D space and use image projection to map the texture.

IOW, make your box the same relative size as the bldg. Put the image into the viewport as a back ground image. Use the background image to adjust your Blender camera to match the perspective in the shot . Then use “project from view” to map the image to the box. :slight_smile:

patimo types faster than me! :stuck_out_tongue:

To my regret in 3d max it works that way and in Sketchup as well, the image is interpolated between the 4 points. I am a bit dissapointed…:frowning:
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I’d suggest you use either of those two alternatives if they give the results you are most happy with. One should always use the tools that best meet your needs. Good luck

Sketchup would work OK because texture placement in SKP is done by warping teh texture to the object… not the other way around.

but 3dsmax?!?!?
the result in max is exactly the same as Blender.as the texture is applied in exactly the same way. x,y,z verts to u,v,w texture space… iow, the mesh is distorted to fit the texture, not the other way around as in SKP.
The SKP method is distorting the image to compensate for the camera induced distortion, The max/Blender method is not.

thx for this topic. i painted texture for castle tower and now im trying to map the texture to another tower… facing the same prob like martijnfc i think. i know how to solve this but dont understand why it doesnt work like that much :-/ i have to google something more

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