UV/Image editor 4 opacity mapping

hello blenderfreaks

very simple question:
is there a way i can tell blender to use the UV/image editor- map for lets say opacity or any other kind of mapping?? SO it would not affect the color but the opacity of a material…

Yes, but only if you added it as a Greyscale Material Texture (mapped to UV) and set it to Alpha.


can u B more specific, please?

Add a Material and lower the Alpha to zero. Add a Texture and choose Image, and select your UVMapped Image from the Menu (or better still, if you made a greyscale copy of that image and loaded it instead) then turn on CalcAlpha. In the MirrorTransp tab in F5 turn on ZTransp (or RayTransp if you’re using raytracing). In the MapTo tab turn off COL and turn on ALPHA. In the MapInput tab change the mapping from ORCO to UV so that the Material Texture is mapped to the same UV’s as your UVMapped image.


hey fligh!
I really do appreciate your helping effort (where would we be without u guyz anyway). But i meant something else…
I will try to explain in more detail…
Lets say that i have a cube and i map all of the 6 faces with my prepared color maps over the UV/Image editor…I am doing some architectural mapping and u just cannot place a texture on a facade with regular channels, u have to precisely tell blender how to map it via the UV/Image editor…(i turn on textFace in material settings) …
AND NOW! i want to add a normal map in another “layer”. Or it coul be an alpha map…
But even if i would not use two maps on one another, i just dont know how to use the image in UV/image editor 4 different kind of mapping…
Is it clearer?
Thanx again[/b]

Yes, it’s clear. The UV Editor, and the images you map with it, don’t have access to Materials (it was originally designed for use with the Game Engine which doesn’t use Materials). The Only way that you can get access to the Material/Texture interface is by adding a Material.
Once you have a Material you can use the same image that you used in the UV Editor by changing the Input from the Texture map from ORCO (ORiginal COordinates from the Object’s Origin) to UV, those used by the UV Editor and set with TexFace. You can still use the UV Editors UVMapped Image by turning off the COL(or) of the Material texture.
Everything at the top of the MapTo tab, each button, is a setting for how the Texture affects the Material; the Material/Texture interface.


So When i use UV/image editor and turn on texface the channels still comunicate with the render? I still dont understand how to make the same image affect the Nor mapping…If i add a map channel in the material i turned the texface in, use the same picture i loaded earlier in UV/image editor, and turn on Nor…nothing really happens…dont know how to disable the col for the picture i mapped over UV face select…

So When i use UV/image editor and turn on texface the channels still comunicate with the render?


and turn on Nor…nothing really happens.

Below the Nor button is a NOR slider where you can set the value higher.

dont know how to disable the col

Just click the Col button in the MapTo tab so it goes from dark-green to light-green. You don’t want to turn off the color of the UVMapped image, you want to turn it off for the Material Texture’s image.

Here’s a quick file to see the settings:



ok …and what do u thing then is the best way to place a normal map on an object so there would not be windows cut in half by the corner of the buildin :slight_smile:

If you change the Mapping on the Material Texture (normal map) from ORCO to UV then it will follow your UVMapped Image’s UV Co-ordinates exactly.


yes but it will also aply the normal-texture-image color on the faces which is inconvinient…

Just turn off Col in the MapTo tab like in the example file.


i might finally understand :stuck_out_tongue:

ok once again this is my workflow…because i must be presuming something stupid since i really dont understand:

  1. I select an object
  2. push F to Face select mode
  3. select faces i want to map the image to and unwrap
  4. In Uv/image editor open the image and transform it the way i want to…

and now i DO NOT turn on textface and use any image i want and if i turn UV in map input the coordnates from the Uv editor are used…did i get it?

Yes, except for one thing; TexFace Must be on in both the F5 Materials tab and the F9 Mesh tab IF YOU WANT THE COLOR OF THE UVMAPPED IMAGE TO SHOW. You can turn off the one in F5 if you want to use the color (col button in MapTo) from the Material texture, but if you turn off the one in F9 then you loose all UVMapping.


I OWE U :slight_smile: u r very patient teacher :slight_smile:

u r very patient teacher

Hehe, that’s better than being a Blenderfreak.