UV image editor combined with regular maps...?


I have simple question …

When I apply textures over the UV/image editor and then i need to just add a color (or a different material) to some faces with face select tool, it just wont do…

I add a new material , assign it through editing menu and nothing happens.

Do u know why? (v 2.37a)

By the way is there an advantage using the UV map input instead of UV/image editor?? Or perhaps is that what i need to do, if i want to combine many materials?

thanx so much pitat 450

If you want to add bump maps, spec map or something like that to Your UVMap, then add a material, add a texture and choose type “Image”. Select the same image you used for UV in the menu and in the MapInput tab change the mapping from ORCO to UV (so it follows the mapping from the UVEditor). Then in the Material tab turn on TexFace (read the tooltip to see why) and in F9, Mesh tab turn on TexFace.


well that is not what i meant…i may not have made myself clear…

lets use a picture:

I did all the texturing via the UV/image editor.
Now> u see those 2 faces in the middle? I want to have them plain red 4 exaample. How do I do it?

thanx very much

You can give them a seperate (red) material or you can take your image that you use for the UVMap to a paint program and paint 1 corner that you’re not going to use red, then map those 2 faces to the red corner.