UV Image Editor Crashing Blender

It’s my first post, so hopefully it’s in the right place.

I’ve been having a very frustrating problem while using the UV Image Editor. After loading in an image and working for awhile, Blender will suddenly quit. From that point on I encounter a range of obstacles.

I will not be able to re-open the project without immediately crashing
I will be able to open the project, but as soon as I try to open the UV Image Editor it crashes
I will be able to open the project, as well as the UV Image Editor, but not load or re-select any image without Blender crashing.

One occasional solution has been to open a new project and Append the objects from the corrupt project, then reload the image in the UV Image Editor. This works about half the time. When it doesn’t work, I have tried opening a previous version of the same project which was saved while the UV Image Editor was still working and Appended the latest version of the object (from the corrupted project) into it. Sometimes that works. Other times it doesn’t. I also tried exporting the object (OBJ) and importing it into a new project with no success. I have even experienced the crash when I open a completely new empty project and immediately try to open a UV Image Editor window.

At this point, I feel confident in saying that the problem is related to image files which Blender still lists in the UV Image Editor pop up menu. Even though these images are not actually used by any objects in the project, they show one user channel (one of them actually shows 15 users!) in the Data Select window, regardless of how many times I break their link (with the “x” button) and quit the project. I restored the system defaults when opening a new project, but nothing changed. One final attempt to work around the problem was to move all the picture files that are listed in the pop-up menu from their original location (hoping to break free any links). This did allow me to open the UV Image Editor window, and allowed me to delete links between all but one erroneous image (the one that indicated 15 users), but Blender still crashes when I try to reload (Open) the image from it’s new location. I have also copied and saved the suspicious images in new file formats, thinking that the images might be corrupt (although that wouldn’t explain why I have been able to work in the UV Image Editor sometimes for hours before a crash), but that also proved fruitless. Finally, I should mention that I’ve tried the project in Blender versions 2.46, 2.47, and 2.48.

I’m pretty much out of ideas, so if anyone has any advice, or has actually seen this before, I’d appreciate any help. I’ve included the Blender file with the texture imagae “Giraffe_SkinA_Final.jpg” packed. Hopefully I did it all correctly.

Thanks in advance,


Giraffe_Skin_3G_5.blend (464 KB)

That is very odd, what OS are you running?

Oh sorry. I forgot all that good stuff.
I did just switch to Leopard (10.5.4) on a MacBook Pro / 2.16 GHz with 2GB RAM.
I must admit I’ve been avoiding the idea of cloning back my old system (10.4.10) because of the time, but if you think that might be the problem, I’ll do it.

Thanks for your time,

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