UV/Image Editor question

I know that images applied to meshes via the textures panel can be used to affect the alpha values, normals, etc.
Can the same be done with images applied with the UV/Image Editor?

you just load the UV texture in the textures panel, and in materials, set ‘map input’ to ‘UV’ for that channel.

When it comes to rendering, only image coordinates are assigned in the UV Editor. An image is “assigned”. You still need a material for that, configured as Modron says. In the textured 3D views though, the one selected in the UV Editor is indeed used. That’s what usually generates the confusion.

Hi I’m Samuele. Sorry for my English…I’m italian.
I have a problem when I export an image made with Unwrap in UV/image editor window. I exported with UV IMAGE EXPORT but the measures of the unwrapped image aren’t the same of the same that I open with Inkscape.
How I do to convert from pixels to centimetres to obtain the same measures in Inkscape? Can you help me?
Thankyou very much for your answers