UV/Image editor selects UV texture but doesn't display it

Ooh, I just love it when I do something wrong that I didn’t know could be done wrong.

For one object, I find that when I select a UV Texture (in Edit mode) and look at the UV/Image Editor window … no image is displayed. The UV-coordinates are there, and the black-crosshatched plane, but no image. The images are listed in the dropdown menu to the left of UVs.

Furthermore: choosing an image does change the selection for that UV-texture! But it doesn’t display it. (Toggle out of Edit-mode and you can see that it’s so.) Doesn’t matter which image. Only broken for this one object.

WTF …? Hey, it’s gotta be some dumb-button that I pushed, but …

Other “fiddling around” confirms that it is this object that somehow is at-issue. If I add another UV texture to it, the behavior is the same. But for another object, it’s normal behavior. The problem here is only with the window’s display, not the material … the UV textures themselves … painting textures … etc. It knows about the image selection and handles it properly … but doesn’t display it.

hey I have sometimes the same problem , curious if someone knows how to fix it.
Maybe a matter of saving your uv before you add an other one, on a other object??

I as well have run into this issue. It is difficult to line up proper bumpmaps and image wraps when my uv/image editor does not display the image…Help us! PLEASE!!!

Sometimes this fixes it for me - even if your not ready for a uv layout, just select the model that the model and in edit mode hit U> unwrap

Some of the time it will then bring the picture up for me. Sometimes I have to bring it up from the drop down box in the menu bar for that window also.

Hope it works!

Go into face select mode and select one face of the unwrapped object…?

You’ve either asked Blender to display zero, one, or multiple images, and it can only display one at a time. In edit mode, you have to select a face, not just an edge or a couple of verts. If you have a face selected, that face has to be mapped to a UVTex or there is no image to display. If there is a UVTex, you need to associate an image with that UVTex via the Image->Open. If you have done that and the image can be found on disk or in memory, it is displayed.

If you have two faces selected and they are both only part of one and the same UVTex, the image is displayed. Otherwise, if one face is part of one UVTex, and the other face is part of another UVTex, the UV Image window would have to display two images or two UV Maps at the same time, which it cannot do.