UV/Image Editor slow and laggy


I am having performance problems in UV/Image Editor on my workstation. Its quite simple to reproduce:

  1. Load any texture in Image editor.
  2. Try to pan the view.
  3. Interface gets slow, the paning operation is laggy.

If I zoom in a lot (~400%) then paning gets smoother. If I zoom out (texture takes ~ 1/2 of screen space) then it gets worse. Feels like 5 fps. It affects uv mapping, postpro and maybe other things too.

Here is the fun part. UV/Image Editor is perfectly fine on my 5+ years old laptop (i7 Q720, ati mobility radeon hd 4600, 8 GB RAM), but laggy on my main workstation (i7 5820k, GTX 770 (driver version 369.09), 32 GB RAM). Both run Windows 10 with Anniversary update. I even tried to instal Ubuntu Gnome 15.x on workstation, but it didnt help and I had the same problem.

I have tried multiple Blender versions (2.77, 2.78), different settings for Image Draw Method and multiple GPU driver versions - no luck. Btw texture shading runs smooth in 3d View.

I guess its hardware related problem. Do you have any advice?