UV/Image Editor

How come whenever I select the UV/Image Editor tab by using F10 (or even selecting it on the drop-down box for that window) it opens up a completely new (blank) instance of the UV/Image Editor? The only way I can get back to the one I’m working on is by using the same window/position.

Say I open an image for UV mapping in the right hand window pane. The window opens up and it shows the unwrapped mesh, etc. If I switch off of it, and then try to open that same image/UV map in the same window, it’ll work. If I try to open that same image/UV map in another window, it opens a completely blank “UV/Image Editor” window.

Is this just a bug? Or is this if you have multiple UV maps per scene, or what?

Just seems weird to me… and was just curious.


Do you mean the F11 key?

Anyway, by default it opens the UV/Image Editor set to the last render, so if you didn’t render anything, it should show anything (thus a blank/empty image block).