UV image load doesn't work!

I run into this strange issue. I have applied a material to a model before unwrapping it. Then I tried to load a UV test timage but it doesn’t appear neither in the UV/image editor nor in the 3D view panel.
Trying to upload other images externally the results are the sames: the interface let me select but doesn’t load.
By the way trying with other objects seems instead woking well.

Here I’ve uploaded a screenshot of the interface

Can someone tell me if it is a bug or instead I’m doing something wrong?

Thank You!

My guess i that you need to select it all first to apply the image. (All faces). Press A in either the 3D window or the image editor.

It works that way because you can assign different images to different faces - that said, some confusion could be avoided if “no seletion” did what you wanted.

It works, thank you