UV image -> Photoshop need help

Im trying to get my UV image and my object into photo shop and im getting the can but its not saving the UV image pls help

Did you go to the image/UV editor and export from there?

Actually I don’t get what you want to say. Could you rewrite your question with screenshots?

I export as a wavefront .obj file and then open with photoshop but the UV image dosent stay on my object.

You’re using photoshop CS4 I assume. I don’t know why.

You really have to explain better your problems.

Well I just tested the 3d thing on photoshop cs4. It works like a charm. You did something wrong.

This is so cool. You can paint bump maps direct on the model. You can paint everything and it makes a texture for you. Awesome.

3d layers are in CS3 as well. I havent tried CS4 yet so I don’t know if the functionality is the same but you could paint UV’s in CS3