UV Implosion, Need Help

See my second post for a better image of the geometry!

'Allo. I am trying to create UVs for a head I modeled and the UVs seem to be imploding right below the chin area. Here is an image:

And here is a closer work, showing the geometry overlapping itself (the line marked is the center line).

How do I fix this problem? Thank you in advance!

Check seam location. Difficult to give useful advice without having access to blend file

There is one seam around the base of the neck, a “T” seam on the back and upper-back part of the head, and another seam around each of the ears. That is all. There is no seam below the chin, which is why it is so weird that it is collapsing in on itself.

I have never had this problem before…

Edit: I finally got a good screen capture to show what the geometry is doing. The highlighted edges show the neckline seam. See the attached thumbnail.


Answer: Too much geometry. Apparently, if you try to unwrap something that has 100,000 faces, not only will your computer be slow as hell, but it will also not unwrap your geometry properly. I lowered the subdivision level by one by selecting every other edge and deleting it and it seems to have fixed the problem. I am now reading up on ways to get more detail in my model without affecting the geometry (like the Multiresolution modifier).