Uv in game

I’m having problems using a uv map thing in th game engine, I’ve loaded the image and it shows up on the mesh but when I go to play the “game” it doesn’t show up no matter which type of view. Please help if you can, thanks in advance

anyone, please. I’ve checked out tutorials and other forums but I can’t seem to figure it out yet…sorry for the double post

Did you check that “Use Blender Materials” in the Game menu is turned off?

I think but can’t remember if Use blender material is on… you’ll need to atleast add a material to your mesh. Not sure how much has changed since 2.42a. So add a new material then make sure that there is atleast one open texture. ie click “add new” after you clicked “add new” so that you can see the eight texture blocks (sorry I know that isn’t very clear)

add new will be the only thing present if there is no material added to the mesh in the material section. Then once you’ve add a material you can add textures just look at the pictures below
… edit

in 2.42a you didn’t need to do anything other than that. Like going into texture and assigning the image to that texture block. It seems to do it automatically as long as your image is setup up in the uv editor.

if that doesn’t work post a blend someone will be able to get it to work and tell you whats up without guessing.:eyebrowlift2:


wait no sorry…had it saying the use blender materials is off on this post…it’s on lol
checking jessegp thing now
edit:k thank you i didn’t have a texture on…sorry bout that thank you ery much=D