UV Inane Stretching/Scaling to Texture

I am trying to unwrap this wooden shelf object but every time I do it seems Blender is hell-bent on making me insane. So when you unwrap without selecting a texture image in the UV editor, it unwraps proportionally, meaning that the edges are true-size true-shape. However, the moment I select an image texture, Blender would stretch the UV map so it fills the entire image. I have tried literally everything, yet nothing works:

No texture:

With texture:

  • Apply scale (it’s already applied, so this is a mystery to me).
  • Fill holes checked and unchecked
  • Correct Aspect checked and unchecked
  • Average island size
  • Angle vs Conformal (no difference)

Is there an actual option out there that just disables blender from stubbornly scaling my UVs to the texture?

Select the texture before you unwrap. Uv coordinates are independent of texture resolution, and if no texture is selected, Blender simply assumes the default unit square of the UV layout. If there’s a texture in the UV editor, unwrap will scale the UV coordinates in respect to the aspect ratio of that texture.

You see, that’s where Blender disagrees with you there for some reason. At least my copy does. Okay, when I unwrap I already have the texture selected. So that is not the cause of the problem. Because it still does it. It squishes and stretches the UV for no other reason. On the selected texture nonetheless.

Just clicking UNwrap, will almost never get a good UV! In virtually all cases you will have to isolate the islands and scale+rotate to prevent UV stretching or upside down textures…

I just did this one with a simple unwrap, with only conformal and correct aspect, image loaded.
Then I took and rotated and scaled to get correct texture positions.

Sorry, I misleaded you.
What I wanted to say by ‘selecting the texture’ is to select the Image texture node in the material.

The unwrap operator uses that selection (the Active one) to scale the uvmap…a bit the same process used by baking.