UV is pretty messy and "mutated" ?

I’ve just started blender a month ago and I’ve made some decent models so I wanted to give a try to texture it. The problem is that if I use smart UV then it gives me very weird shapes and the islands are stretched. I moved on to make my own seams. Well it got better but still the islands are stretched and if I apply a texture it looks weird at some islands. How can I make the UV to show the islands’ height/length scale properly?

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Without looking at picture of your uv map,we can’t suggest anything . Also, it seems that you are not much familiar with UV mapping (just my guess) so instead of commenting, or confusing you with info overload, I’ll redirect you to a very good UV unwrapping tutorial.

(blender 2.49 version)

(blender 2.5 and above)

In the UV window, you can hit Ctrl V “minimize stretch”.

Thanks :slight_smile: gonna check out these.

Changing the stretch scale just results in an even worse uv map :confused:

Working with uv maps is very easy, but improper seams are the main problems. If your map is getting worse, then you need to rework on seams.
Upload your blend or picture of mesh , so that we can help you out.

also apply scale(ctrl+a) before uv mapping

This is what I got after applying scale.

@marsal. too much geometry on your mesh ( i think you applied the sub surf modifier). anyway. You need to put up seams properly. It is a good idea to unwrap your model “from view” , this way, you get better results. upload your blend for better look

The only modifier I used was the mirror. But if I unwrap from view I only get a part of the polygon map. Too much geometry? What do you mean?

Tried to mark better seams but… Well… Thats what I’ve got.FNP90H&KMP7SPR-SW.blend (2 MB)

This is one possible quick unwrap. There is still more optimisations you could do with the unwrap and packing of the uvs.
Cut the model into less distinct pieces and add seams to minimise distortions when unwrapped


FNP90H&KMP7SPR-SW.blend (636 KB)

Wow that looks way better. Thanks! You got this only by changing the seams or did you do something else?

@Marsal, there is a change in seams as well as usage of different tools available in UV editor window (i think he used conformal , instead of angel based unwrap). Also, immediately after pressing any option in unwrap drop down menu, you can change its properties via “f6” or from tools panel. It’s very handy.
Give it a try on a simple model. you’ll know the difference.

Didn’t know there are more unwrap options. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Both, using the one that gave the best unwrap for each specific section.