UV Issue

Hi guys,

I´m using Blender 2.78c. I know that before generate UVs, I must apply scale, to keep scale values = 1. But, why, even applying the scale, some objects generates distorted UVs? Some objects work, but others, don´t, and I can´t figure out why…

Here’s a series on UV unwrapping.

Ok, rontarrant. I´ll watch the videos to figure out how to solve this issue. Thanks.

its a lot easier to explain this in a video

Thanks, finalbarrage. But my problem is: sometimes an object with correct scale (1,1,1) generates a distorted UV. One day, this happened with the default cube. In my computer, its UV was distorted. In another computer, it was correct. Different files, but default Blender scene…

https://gyazo.com/0d6b51b0f02affc75dd7c1ff349130f7 if you mean such as this, then yea that is normal. it happens in other industry programs too.
if you get that problem, just add more seams.

Thank you, guys. Sorry, I have been away for so long, and now I want to reply you: I figure out that the results are different if there´s a texture connected in the object material. The option “Correct Aspect” can adapt the UVs to the texture proportions. That´s why sometimes UVs were distorted, and sometimes, no.