UV layout showing in renders

Hi All

Need some help with this I am totally confused, helping my daughter design a jacket for their final year at school, but the UV layout is showing up in renders, whether it is painted in texture paint or in PS.

Help appreciated.

Could be that you have Display Wire, Show All Edges on. Since only way to tell that would be to see your interface on the needed page…

HI Eppo

Here is a screenshot, sure this is what you are looking for.



Please supple a demo blend file, we know almost nothing about the model, the materials, the render settings etc

Speed7, yes, i see. My shiny crystal… and so on.
What if you censor your file leaving part of the sleeve and textures in? So that this “something” is still there when you render and then share?

Hi Guys

Thanks for your time. I came right with this, strange, but a spec map that I made in crazy bump was causing the issues. The minute it was turned up a little high then the lines appeared, toned down and it went away.

Thanks again