UV layout size (DPI/PPI)


I’m trying to make textures in Adobe Illustrator but failing to import the UV map correctly.

Here are my steps:

  1. Unwrap the mesh and choose “export UV layout”. Select png as filetype and select 1024x1024 for the resolution.
  2. Create a new Illustrator file and give it the size of 1024x1024. In Illustrator I also have to enter a ppi value, which I assume to be 72 ppi.
  3. Place the png-file in Illustrator. HERE IS THE PROBLEM: the placed image does not fill the whole artboard in Illustrator, but looks smaller.

I have to manually scale the png up, which makes the whole process a bit inaccurate.

I asked about this on an Illustrator forum, and they told me I should make sure that the image from Blender has the same PPI as my Illustrator file. However, in Blender there is no PPI setting, only the pixel dimensions.

How can I know what the PPI of my UV-map export is so that I can bring it correcly inside a graphics program like Illustrator?

Have you tried using the .eps or .svg as the UV export. The .png is just pure pixel size, you won’t have a ppi with the image.

Yes, I tried both the svg-format and eps-format. When I use the place-command in Illustrator for those formats, they get placed totally off from the artboard. I don’t know why it’s so difficult to get it right :confused:

When I open the png exported from Blender into Photoshop I can see that the PPI is a strange value of 150,012. Was this value given to the png-file by Blender and if so is there any way to tell Blender to give the file a more commonly used PPI value like 72 for example?