UV map before unwrap, I want that one.

Before doing any unwrapping, if you select all the faces and open the UV map window, there is a display of what appears to be a UV map stretched out to fill most of the UV image. Once any unwrap operation is done, it seems to be gone forever.

Is there a way to get that UV mapping when doing unwrap? It is very close to the mapping I want to use in Blue Mars for avatar skin painting.

Also in 2.53, is there any way to control the way the UV unwrapping is done? 2.49 had lots of parameters for the different unwrapping methods, but they seem unavailable in 2.53.

Try selecting all faces, then unwrap and reset in the unwrap menu.

That just expands all faces individually to the entire image.

When you press U to unwrap there are settings you can then adjust at the bottom of the Tool Panel (T key). You can only change these immediately after unwrapping.
In the UV image editor after you have unwrapped press N to show display options.

Thanks, I’ll play with that.

None of the controls in the menu get anywhere near to that original mapping.

Anyone else have any thoughts? It seems very odd that the initial display can’t be recreated.

Could your object have been unwrapped at some point before your completed your modeling? I don’t think that objects have any initial UV map other than what you get when you Unwrap > Reset.

BRILLIANT!!! (for you, duh for me)

The reason it was the UV mapping I wanted is because the model originally came from a dae that was correctly unwrapped to start with, and due to the magic of 2.5 import, the mapping came right along with it. As long as I don’t remap it, I’m golden.